Referral Program | Smile Home Care

Join SHC’s Referral Program

Smile Home Care’s referral program helps you get the best quality care for your family and friends.

Every successful referral entitles you to free service credits or cash or gift card rewards worth up to $300.


Q: What’s is considered a successful referral?

A: A successful referral means a sign up for any SHC’s services for a continuous duration of 3 months.


Q: When can I claim my service credits or cash reward?

A:  3 months after service start date, your reward will be available and you will be able to select the reward type.


Q: Is there a limit to the number of referrals?

A: No. You may refer as many friends, family and loved ones. However, the maximum award is up to $300 PER a successful referral after 3 months of continuous services.


Q: How do you calculate my cash rewards?

A: You will receive an amount that is equal to 5% of the amount spent on any of the SHC services up to $300 maximum per referral.


Q: How do service reward credits work? 

A: If you choose a service reward you can use your free credits for any of our services up to $300 in value.