What is Home Care: Myths and Facts of Home care

by | Jun 15, 2020 | care tips, caregiver stress, senior care | 0 comments

What is Home Care?

They are myths and facts surrounding home care. People have different concepts of home care and a lot of them are misconceptions. The aim of writing this blog is to debunk these poor judgments attached to home care services. So let’s get down to business then shall we?

Can melatonin help the caregiver get the right kind of sleep that they so desperately need? This right here is a fact, melatonin is what helps us as individuals balance our sleep-wake cycle up. Taking its supplement can definitely help caregivers get the kind of sleep they desire. The truth is, most times home caregivers work so much and pay so much attention to those they care for, that they forget themselves. For the love of the job-passion, they often provide adequate care for those they work for without doing the same for themselves. Home caregivers who wish to get sound sleep or correct their sleeping cycle can take melatonin. But, of course, like every other supplement out there, abuse is bad.

What is Home Care good for?

Home care can help relieve the stress for primary caregivers and provide as an affordable way to retire and live at home.  When you listen to some, especially at retirement homes, you will hear sentences like: home care is too expensive. This is not true. Contrary to common beliefs, private duty care services are not expensive. Considering the kind of service they provide when compared with retirement homes, home care services are reasonably priced. Private care services offer per hour payments as well as per term payment (weekly, monthly). When you compare the amount paid with what you have to pay at a retirement home yearly, I am sorry to say that you will be disappointed you’re not using a home caregiver’s service. Why? Because you pay virtually the same thing for more personalized service.

I can only receive home care services in my home.

This is absolutely untrue. A lot of people, no doubt, believe they can only receive home care services at home. The fact that it’s called ‘home’ care doesn’t mean it’s limited to just your homes. Home care service providers are more of personalized helpers, hence they can provide help for you virtually anywhere you are or anywhere you want. For instance, they can provide care services for you at your home, hospital and even your retirement home!