Home Care Cost Of Elder Care in Ottawa: How To Pay For Home Care For Loved Ones

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Home Care Cost: How To Pay For Care for Elderly Parents at Home 

How Much Does Home Care Cost in Ottawa?

There will come a time that your aging parents or loved ones may be needing assistance with the activities of daily living. A large number of seniors prefer to age in place. This means they prefer to stay home for as long as possible and they do not want to go to long term care or retirement facilities. Having someone to care for them at home is an ideal solution for this dilemma. However, you may not be familiar with home care cost and home care providers in Ottawa.

Home Care Cost in Ottawa

The home care cost of taking care of the elderly parents will depend on a number of factors such as: their medical needs, their physical health and how many times do they need a caregiver per week and what activities they will need assistance with. Home care agencies in Ottawa may also charge differently per hour depending on the agency’s level of care and expertise. Sometimes it will also depend on where you live as the agency’s staff may need to travel for a longer distance to get to your home.

Once you have finalized the activities they need assistance with, and the number of days in a week you will need the caregiver, the next thing to inquire about is how  much will the home care cost.

Smile Home Care offers the most affordable home care cost rates in Ottawa and our services can cost as low as $27/hour depending on the type of care needed. Our professional nursing care starts at $45/hour which is significantly cheaper compared to other agencies in the area. Some agencies will charge as high as $52/hour for nursing and $37/hour for personal care. As you can tell, Smile Home Care’s mission of being quality and affordable care provider is evident in our pricing of home care in Ottawa. The best part about home care cost is that it may also be covered by your insurance plan or your work benefits plan that may include dependent coverage or specifically coverage for nursing and personal care needs.

Insurance Can Cover Cost of Home Care

Some services under home care can be shouldered under the insurance depending on their premium and coverage. Private insurance companies mostly pay for it if and when they have a long term care insurance policy. Check with the insurance provider if they can cover the cost. You have to ask them too if they will be the ones to pay the cost directly to the home care agency or if they will just be reimbursing the total amount.

Some companies also just give you the money whichever service is approved for to cover the home care cost and you will be the one to pay it to the caregiver or company of your choice. Read the policy carefully and check the coverage, terms and conditions, and the fine print. Call your insurance provider if you have queries.

Retirement/Work Benefits Can Cover Some Home Care Costs

Check the retirement or work benefits of your loved ones. This may include all or some of the home care services that they need. Same with the insurance, always check the coverage and benefits. Don’t forget to read the fine print too. Some work benefits are quite generous as well covering up to $15,000 in nursing care.

Reverse Mortgage May Be An Option To Cover Some of The Home Care Costs

Elderly aged 55 and above can get the equity that they have accrued from their home and get it as cash with the help of a financial advisor. They can take it all at one time lump sum payment or monthly. The good news is, it is tax-free and your loved one is free to use it however they like. This includes paying their medical bill or for home care cost. This may be an effective way to pay for care that you need and stay in the comfort of your home.

Talk About Home Care Costs and Plan as a Family

As your parents’ age, make sure to plan with your family how to take care of them. This includes the care they will need and who will shoulder the cost. It is better if all of you will share the cost equally. But that is only ideal if everyone can do so. Some of the siblings might have a problem with finances too. So you need to sit down and talk to know what would be the contribution of each sibling. Those who have more can give financial assistance to secure a caregiver and those who have little can offer their time or effort. If everything is agreed upon, you should write it on paper and get it duly notarized by a lawyer to make it a legal agreement. 

These are only some of the ways you can pay for the home care cost of your loved one. Now all you need to do is select which home care agency will be the best for them.  

Elderly Care Starts With a Free Care Consultation with Smile Home Care

With Smile Home Care, we offer a free consultation to assess the needs of your loved one and provide you with the best recommendation for affordable respite care to suit your budget and your loved one’s needs. Home care can improve the quality of life and support senior independence at home. We understand the importance of deciding how much care you need, so we offer the ultimate flexibility so that you can set up respite care for an hour, a few hours or even a few days.

Smile Home Care provides senior care at home in Ottawa for seniors and families looking for a help with personal care, nursing care or caregiver relief. Give us a call today at 613.603.8998 or book a free assessment for your complimentary consultation with one of our care leaders! We look forward to providing you with care to smile about.

 We believe that it takes a special person to be a caregiver, and we value and appreciate our Smile Caregivers in providing exceptional and compassionate care. You can also learn more about our care services by clicking here. Follow us on Facebook to learn more about our events and promotional offers by clicking here Smile Home Care.