Affordable Respite Care At Home For Seniors In Ottawa

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Respite Home Care in Ottawa

What Is Respite Care?

Respite care provides temporary relief for a primary caregiver, enabling you to take a much-needed break from the demands of caregiving a sick, aging, or disabled family member.  Primary caregiver can be a family member or a professional caregiver that is providing care for your loved one.

Are you considering home care for yourself or a loved one? Our at home caregivers can be there for 8 hour care services or as little as 2 hours to provide companionship and support. Your dedicated Smile caregiver will be available in your home or residence to look after you and help with any additional household tasks every day. 

Respite care typically refers to hourly employment of a home care worker in order to give some time off to a primary caregiver. Respite care services can include providing meals, bathing, toileting, and medicating in addition to contributing to housework if care is provided at home.

If you are providing care for your loved ones, sometimes providing care and taking care of yourself can be challenging. You may feel tired and overwhelmed and this is where respite care can help. Respite care is a special short-term break care given to caregivers to provide them with an opportunity to recharge and embrace self-care.

The best part with respite care is that you choose how long or short you want the break to be, and it can be received in your or your loved one’s home. With Smile Home Care, we offer a free consultation to assess the needs of your loved one and provide you with the best recommendation for affordable respite care to suit your budget and your loved one’s needs. We understand the importance of deciding how much care you need, so we offer the ultimate flexibility so that you can set up respite care for an hour, a few hours or even a few days.

Who needs Respite Care?

Most times, the people you care about may need care round the clock and this can be tiring and lead to a burnout over time. The principal family caregiver in many cases is an elderly spouse. As a result, they may have their own healthcare needs that may need attention. In addition, the primary caregiver may simply need quality time to rest or take care of other things such as appointments or work.  Sometimes caregiving duties can become too overwhelming and overpower your own needs, leading to missed work hours, financial hardship, a compromised immune system and loss of social freedom.

It’s helpful to consider respite care if you or someone else is the primary caregiver taking care of a senior, whether their issues are physical, cognitive or both. A respite break can help improve the relationship between the caregiver and the client, as self-care can help the caregiver recharge and take much needed break.

Respite Care Services in Ottawa

The basic service respite care offers is to help take care of your loved ones, especially the seniors. In-home respite is provided for family or primary caregivers by a home support worker coming to the home for a number of hours to give the caregiver time off. During this time off, the caregiver may remain in the home or leave. The usual respite period taken is a block of 2-4 hours once or twice a week.

Some of the personal care services that we offer to your elderly loved ones include:

  • Bathing
  • Toileting
  • Dressing
  • Feeding
  • Medication assistance
  • Companionship and socializing
  • Light housekeeping and meal preparation

If your loved one’s health condition allows it, aside from having private personal respite care for your senior loved ones, you can also choose to take up group respite care services. Group respite care services are usually seen at adult day care centres or assisted living facilities.

A group respite day care centre can also help seniors socialize, however it would entail helping them leave their home and get comfortable in a new setting. Group respite offer engaging programs such as dance, art classes and light entertainment. Moreover, day programs usually charge a small fee to cover the cost of a meal and transportation. Day programs can be used from 1-5 days a week, but demand is often high and you may need to be placed on a waitlist.

Advantages of In-Home Respite Care

Getting your loved one to get care in the comfort of their home can be the least stressful experience for them. This is because they do not need to leave their home as the respite care services they need come to them. This way, the  changes to your loved one’s routines will be minimized and they will feel comfortable in a familiar home environment. Moreover, you can also stay in the home if you wish, without having to provide care to your loved one. This way you can relax and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with your loved one without feeling the burden of caregiving. Most of all, getting respite care can be very cost effective compared to full time retirement living. Ultimately, respite care can help caregiver avoid burnout or resentment, before it occurs. Having a helping hand, regularly or occasionally with a professional caregiver can make the world of difference.

In-home respite caregivers can also offer companionship, and ensure seniors are safe and happy by participating in their favourite activities such as: reading, crosswords, art and conversation.

Finding Respite Care Services in Ottawa

It is very important to ensure that the private or public respite care program you are considering has a good reputation in your city. If you are looking for care for both of your parents, you can ask if the care program accommodates multiple persons. It’s also important to you ask the following questions:

How long will the respite care sessions last?

Does the facility offer transportation services?

What services are included in the price stated?

Do I need to book in advance for sessions?

What plans do you have for fire or other emergencies?

How does the program or facility keep track of patients’ medical conditions or medications?

Cost Of Respite Care In Ottawa

Respite care costs can vary significantly and are dependent on what services are offered, the services your loved one may need and the duration of services provided. In some cases, your insurance plan can cover some of the cost if it is included in your plan. Other times, there are free or public funded respite care available, but they may have a significant waitlist. Alternatively, you can always get hourly respite care form a home care agency in Ottawa that has experienced, trained and compassionate caregivers available. The last option is to look into hiring a caregiver directly, and doing all of the background checks, employment reference checks and meeting your obligations as the employer. Smile Home Care offers affordable respite care cost to meet your unique needs and budget. We offer affordable respite care services that typically cost $33 per hour of care and go down in cost for longer care needs, for instance a full day of care or a weekend of care.

Why Get Respite Care for Elderly in Ottawa in Their Home

Sometimes caring for your loved one can be exhausting and it may be hard to recognize that you actually need a break. Respite care can help family caregivers restore much needed balance in their lives. It also allows caregivers to take the time to recover from the stresses of caregiving and gives them the flexibility to take care of other important aspects of their lives. Respite can help you get physical, emotional and mental rest for as long or as little you need it. When your needs are well taken care of, you are a better caregiver to your loved ones.

There are so many respite care in Ottawa services available for seniors, so it’s important to conduct proper research before you select the one that works best for you and your loved one. Finally, it is important to separate your role as a loved one and a primary caregiver to minimize the risk of caregiver burnout, as well as to allow you to continue to provide the right level of care for your loved one.

Smile Home Care provides respite care in Ottawa for seniors and families looking for a temporary caregiver relief. Give us a call today at 613.603.8998 or book a free assessment for your complimentary consultation with one of our care leaders! We look forward to providing you with care to smile about.

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